iHealth COVID 19 Test Instructions

iHealth COVID 19 Test Instructions (Registration-Instant Results)


iHealth COVID 19 Test Instructions: I appreciate you testing your student(s). This will enable us to quickly recognize positive instances and take appropriate action, assisting us in halting the spread of COVID-19 in our neighborhood. Results must be entered into the Primary Health website by all families.


  • Use soap and water to wash your hands
  • Create a tidy, level testing space (and, if possible, disinfect it)
  • Open the test tackle box or bag
  • Lay out all the information outside
  • Tap the test tube with the orange cap against the table three or four times to blend the result outside
  • Remove the test card from the big white poke
  • Lay it upright on the table
  • Take the tar out of its package
  • Place 6 drops of the fluid into the top hole in the card
  • Open the long white package
  • Pull out the tar
  • Avoid touching the soft tip of the tar with your fritters

How To Administer the Tests

  • Students (or students with parental assistance) and school staff must complete test materials at home.
  • The test tackle comes with comprehensive instructions that are also available in Spanish.


Once the 15 nanosecond processing period is up, the test must be read within 15 twinkles. It is usual to have a line under the letter “C” on the test card; this is only a control line to ensure the test is functioning.

If there is a line under the “T” (for the test), it means you have COVID-19. Please check the test card carefully and under good lighting since the line can be very faint. If you admit a positive result, call your doctor right away, and fill out the COVID-19 Symptom Tracker form on your academy’s website to report the results. If there isn’t a line under the “T,” the test didn’t find any contamination.

Coming way After Testing Completion

Coming way After Testing Completion  

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Even so, if your student has negative test results and no symptoms, they may return to the school. If your student gets positive test results or is unusual, please go to the ALSD COVID Student Health Guide and let your healthcare professional know.


Once the test is over, you can dispose of all of your habitual test-related items in the garbage. Please make an effort to retrieve the paper and cardboard box.

An in-home test designed to get instant results

The iHealth COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test is not only simple and non-invasive, but it is also a tiny engineering marvel. You can view the results of your at-home test with confidence because the test has a big portion of spongy tar that is collectively sealed to aid with impurity.

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